[gardeners] DeeDee and all

asidv@fbg.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 15:54:30 +0000

Catharine asked if the Gardeners felt the sagas of the 
(dare I call them) hillbillies was disruptive to a gardener's plot.
	Being Catharine's momma, and really new to this group, it's hard to 
know what to say -- but, yes, I think the hillbillies may  have 
overstayed their welcome. The gardening content of their writings 
seems to be a bit strained (or downright absent) and those who have 
serious questions about their plantings (and those who have serious 
bragging rights about their garden productions) couldn't help but 
feel they have been pushed off the stage a mite.
	As some of you know, I'm really new at the e-mailing experience, and 
I've wondered (particularly after Bah-Humbug-Zits shrugged) if 
someone could forward the doings of Belle, DeeDee and the rest to 
some other place on the internet.  To paraphrase Preacher, "I'd shore 
hate to find myuself standing up on one of those X-rated sites that 
Catharine warned me about."
	So, for my lone, johnny-come-lately vote, I say "let the gardeners 
take back that which is rightly theirs" and "keep Preacher out of 
those porno-places."
	And, Catharine, hope you don't take this unkindly.