Re: [gardeners] DeeDee and all

Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 08:47:36 +0000

MaPat wrote:

>So, for my lone, johnny-come-lately vote, I say "let the gardeners 
>take back that which is rightly theirs" and "keep Preacher out of 
>those porno-places."

Gotta admit that I'm agreeing with you on both counts. Re #1 - even though 
everybody is really good about marking in the header that their "soap 
posts" are off-topic as a way of signaling people who want to skip reading 
the foolishness, people who get the Digest form of the list are still 
stuck with it, and it does get tedious for others to have to keep punching 
the delete key. Re #2 - Anybody taking Preacher (or anybody else's posts 
on this or any other list) and posting on another list or otherwise will 
incur Miss MAnner's wrath, at the very least. It's traditionally bad 
netiqueete to forward other poeple's material without permisssion...if 
PReacher had a mind, he could call out the Sheriff if he ran across 
any of his own writing anywhere except where Preacher done put it hisself.

I've gotten several notes off-list about possible ways to solve the 
dilema. I'm checking on 'em. More later. 

Catharine, wondering if the list is so quiet 'cause people are out 
gardening or if the heat (it was 108F heat index in Atlanta yesterday) has 
driven us all to hibernation!)