Re: [gardeners] Mother's thighs

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 08:25:29 -0600

At 10:13 AM 7/13/98 +0000, you wrote:
>MaPat sent me the following (sorry, Mother, but we need the experts!!):
>Those squash plants are growing a tad, are full of blooms, and not a 
>single solitary zucchini. They had better shape up or out they go; 
>they are shading the thyme -- and one seems to be developing mildew.
>That I can't figure in all this heat. 104 yesterday (and 110 in 
>Dallas) and more to come.
>Ok, she has green thighs that are now about 2 feet long, filled with 
>flowers. No real shortage of pollinators. They've been producing flowers 
>for over a month and still not a single green thigh. I'm stumped. Mine 
>didn't act this way last year. I couldn't keep up with the picking! The 
>'mildew' sounds ominous....being lazy, I'd pull the plant and destroy and 
>cross my fingers that the other plants don't succumb. 
>Catharine, Atlanta (MaPat is in dry, dry Fredericksburg, Tx., zone 8a)
Well, she can dine on squash blossoms then.  She's apparently getting all
male blossoms anyway.  Could she just cut off the mildew-afflicted leaves?
Move the thyme.  Thyme is expendable anyway.  I had thought she had lost
all of the squash plants.  

I don't have a scanner, and I'm too lazy to type in recipes (Mme. No-Fat
will change them anyway ;-)))))  ).  Run a search in epicurious or
something.  I think Mexican recipes are at  

Cutting male blossoms may stimulate female fruiting anyway.  I have no idea
why.  Maybe it's a magic thang.  Tell her just please not to cook any bees.
 Best, Margaret