Re: [gardeners] God's two last gifts

Allen and Judy Merten (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 23:29:35 -0500

Hi Yall,
    What in the world was that about? I must have missed something.

Bob Kirk wrote:

> To Adam & Eve: the ability to pee standing up, and multiple orgasms (recent
> thread on Gardens-L).  If Crovo won't forward my horticultural and botanic
> posts, I don't suppose there's any hope for this one.....
>   Of course women can pee standing up. At least I don't imagine the drunken
> World Cup fan who helped her male companion extinguish the eternal flame at
> the Arc de Triomphe assumed the culturally-decreed position while doing so.
> Extraordinarily outraged French officials refused to allow the
> Mexican ambassador to lay a "wreath" at the site.  ---thanx alt.tasteless
> ----
>   Don't recall that we have any *real southerners on this list, but I
> suppose it's worth noting that particularly outraged French officials
> last year arrested an Australian for cooking eggs over the flame.
> BK---
> Off home now hoping not to learn that France finally won,
> and to see if the Roundup he sprayed this noon is working yet.