Re: [gardeners] my veggie garden

Terry King (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 09:32:53 -0600

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998 08:12:08 -0500, Allen and Judy Merten wrote:

>Hi Catherine,
>    Thanks for the tip. I think I'll try some, if I can find some seed potatos. 
>family likes that almost buttery flavor and the color is appealing too.
>    I planted Kennebec(white) and Lasoda(red). The Kennebec has very 
few eyes. It
>also seems to be a low yield potato. I got back about 3lbs for every 1lb 
that I
>planted. The Lasoda on the other hand has many eyes and is a high yield 
potato. I
>got back 35lbs for every lb planted. The Lasodas made 500lbs plus. Most of 
>Lasodas were as large as a softball.
>Bastrop Co.,Tx

Hi All,

I'm back from my trip and starting to feel chatty.  

I like growing LaSoda reds too.  This year I couldn't find any seed for it so I 
planted Pontiac and Norland Reds, both for the first time.  I don't think I 
ammended the soil as well this year as the spuds are now blooming and 
aren't very tall.  The volunteers from last years patch are twice as tall, 
unfortunately they are in my strawberry patch. :-/  I figure I'll just dig all 
those for new potatoes.  Infact its probably time to check them to see if the 
spuds are big enough for that.  

I also planted Kennebecs and Russet Burbanks for whites and my favorite 
too, Yukon Golds.  Planted 20lbs of Yukons as they are always the first to 
be eaten up.  I only planted 5 lbs of each of the other varieties.

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