Re: [gardeners] harison's yellow rose

penny x stamm (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 00:56:06 -0400

Hello there, Dick Tripp!

After about 15 years with no clematis at all, I bought a trellis
and went hunting, armed with the old Steffen's Clematis
catalog, now defunct. It's a bit late for purchasing first rate,
healthy clematis, and obviously, NO ONE had ever seen that 
catalog before -- but I stumbled upon a huge cache in an
out-of-the-way Flower Time, and bought two: 

	viticella 'Polish Spirit', 9ft vine, 3" purple-blue, May/Sept
		           -- prune in March -- 
	Niobe, 8ft vine, 4-6" ruby-red, June/Sept
		-- prune lightly, but I don't know when! --

The company is Iverson's, unknown location. Very healthy plants.

I presume that since they have a long season of bloom, they should
both be pruned in March, with new flowers coming on new wood only.
Am I correct?

Penny, NY zone 6	

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