Re: [gardeners] Hoya blooming!

Liz Albrook (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 11:53:22 +0000

Terry King <> wrote:

> The more you talk about hoyas the more interested I become.  Is there a 
> yellow flowered species?  I ask because there is a plant in the window at 
> my postoffice that struck me as being a hoya but it has yellow flowers.

Yes, there are yellow flowered hoyas but don't ask me which ones 
because I can't tell you.  :-)  There are several hoyas species that 
I know of that have several "clones" that have differently colored 
flowers.  I'm not certain of the usage of the word "clone" in this 
context -- I think the correct word is probably "sport" since many of 
these "clones" occur in the wild.

I've seen photos of several hoyas that would probably fit Penny's 
description of shooting stars and they are really nifty looking 
flowers.  The only bad thing I've found about hoyas so far is that 
many of them have long internodal lengths so that you see lots of 
vine and few leaves.  One solution to this problem is to coil the 

I swear that lots of hoyas are dead easy to grow.  Logee's has some 
really nifty ones, including a variety with palm-sized, heart shaped 
leaves.  I have one shoot of that variety growing -- extremely slowly 
-- and hope to one day have a whole plant from it.  The internodal 
distance is huge though -- about a foot -- so it's truly bizarre