Re: [gardeners] corn, incredible or butterfruit?

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 13:29:25 -0600

>>As far as taste, well, it was better (to me) than most of the 
>>extremely sweet varieties out there but did not have what I consider 
>>to be a good, strong corn flavor.  I will grow it again only if I 
>>don't find something better and, if I grow corn next year, I will be 
>>looking for something better.  I may give Trucker's Favorite a whirl.
>Ahh, Trucker's Favorite. My Dad grew the white variety every year when I
>was a boy and we ate it as sweet corn in the early milk stage and fed it to
>the stock in the dry stage. Miz Anne and I grew it from about 1962 until
>1976 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Only color I've seen lately is the yellow
>but if it's as good as the old TF I may have to get some seed.
A friend grew that two or three years ago.  One stalk won blue ribbon for
tallest stalk at the Western Idaho Fair.  Had they had a field corn
competition, it would have won that, too.  

Sorry, but I lost a tooth to an abscess (a popcorn hull hugging tooth root)
a few years ago, so I don't eat popcorn or "regular" corn any more.  I
don't care about the "regular" corn taste.  I want tender hulls and sweet
corn.  SE suits me fine.  Incredible has rather tough hulls, tougher than
I'd like, frankly.  Corn is the only hybrid crop I grow, and I've tried OP
varieties that are no better than field corn.  It's a lot of ground to
waste for a whole season, to discover what you've raised isn't worth
eating.  Margaret