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Don't be telling tales about Miz Anne's jalapeno experiences!

Almost got sprayed by a skunk once, but thankfully the critter changed his 
mind.  I had food in the back of my car and left the hatch open for a few 
minutes.  When I went back to the car, a skunk was happily sitting in the 
back munching on hot dog rolls.  My husband wanted to just leave the hatch 
open, but I had more food in the trunk so I foolishly grabbed the rolls 
away from Mr. Skunk.  He turned tail at me an took aim, but didn't fire.  I 
threw the buns on the ground and he scrambled out of the car after them.

I believe you have the correct spelling of wuss, George.  I wonder if there 
is some kind of prize for that ;-)

Myra Amler
"Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?" Unknown

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