[gardeners] Weather

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 22:33:45

After reading Terry's post about frost and Penny's about heavy rains I just
had to chime in. We are back to about normal here. It is raining a little
nearly every day, just a gentle shower for anywhere from 30 minutes to 1
hour or more. All the plants have perked up, the trees have stopped
shedding leaves from drought stress and the weather has cooled off a bit.
No frost, thank goodness, but only mid-eighties versus triple numbers at 3 pm.

Like Allen and Judy we are ready to plant our fall garden. No soil to
prepare as it has been mulched all summer so it's just a matter of deciding
what goes where and taking out a few more non-productive plants. I'm
actually getting excited about the garden again and Miz Anne and I have
been digging through the seed container trying to decide what to plant in
our rather small space.

Friday we head for a weekend in Splendora, Texas at our daughters place.
She's also getting her garden spots ready for winter garden and has planted
all the plots at her school. This year she got a grant big enough to build
each elementary school class at least one 4X8 raised bed garden and is
supervising the training of the teachers who will be working with the kids
in these gardens. If they get the grant money they will be building more
raised beds as the year progresses. Rather than do a thesis she is doing an
internship for her masters and it will be going around to schools in a
three-county area teaching teachers about gardens for kids in Pre-K to
grade 5, the benefits thereof and the socialization of the children. Oh
yeah, we're going for a soiree for our eldest grandchild. Today, August 17,
1998, Joshua Michael Robertson turned eighteen years of age, registered for
the draft, and got his first adult driving license. He's a good young man
and we're proud of him.