Re: [gardeners] Weather

penny x stamm (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 15:42:38 -0400

George, in WHAT rather small space? Small meaning 2 acres 
instead of 200...? How could anybody plant 5,280 veggies in his
garden, and then call it small...?

Your daughter in Splendora is doing a marvelous internship -- I
envy her!  I find working with young children totally absorbing. I 
guess, in fact, it's rewarding to be teaching anyone who WANTS
to learn. Will she confine the plantings to veggies, or will there be
some flowers included? 

You must understand that hearing about fresh plantings right now, 
at the end of our growing season, sounds as if y'all were down in
New Zealand -- BION, we have not had even one ear of first rate
corn yet, and the tomatoes are all hard at the farm stands. Crazy

Birthday congratulations to Josh, and certainly may he 
live long and prosper ....

Penny, NY 

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