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George Shirley (
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 20:52:55

At 03:42 PM 8/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
>George, in WHAT rather small space? Small meaning 2 acres 
>instead of 200...? How could anybody plant 5,280 veggies in his
>garden, and then call it small...?

Where in the world did you get the 5,280 veggie figure? Our main veg patch
is 16X24, there's also a 12X22 herb garden, and an "auxillary" veg and
flower patch that is 3X90 along the fence. This doesn't include fruit
trees, blueberry bushes, raspberries, and various flower beds in the front
and back yards.
>Your daughter in Splendora is doing a marvelous internship -- I
>envy her!  I find working with young children totally absorbing. I 
>guess, in fact, it's rewarding to be teaching anyone who WANTS
>to learn. Will she confine the plantings to veggies, or will there be
>some flowers included? 

There are veggies, flowers, and herbs, lots of herbs. I bought them, the
kids, a membership in the National Arbor Foundation, cost 10 bucks and they
got 10 redbud trees to plant along the drive. Not to be outdone other
grandparents did the same and they ended up with around a 100 redbud trees
for the circular drive. Should be pretty some day. The daughter has
enlisted the help of several local nurseries who give advice, soil,
fertilizer, plants, and some badly needed labor at times. She also has
talked the local cop shop into providing her some folks who have to do
community service.

>You must understand that hearing about fresh plantings right now, 
>at the end of our growing season, sounds as if y'all were down in
>New Zealand -- BION, we have not had even one ear of first rate
>corn yet, and the tomatoes are all hard at the farm stands. Crazy

Well, it's hotter 'n hell here but it is the time to plant winter crops for
us. Understand that spring/summer gardens have mainly played out by now in
this zone and area. Only those plants that can stand high heat and humidity
are still growing and producing.

>Birthday congratulations to Josh, and certainly may he 
>live long and prosper ....

Thank you ma'am, I hope he lives long and prospers too. He's a neat young
man with a good sense of humor and a budding artistic talent which pleases
his artist grannie.

>Penny, NY