[gardeners] sweet corn variety

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 00:17:26 -0500

Hi Liz,
    I have a variety of corn that you might like to try. It is called
G-90. It is a bicolor sweet corn that has a very good corn taste. It has
a sweet taste but not overly sweet like some of the newest varieties.
This year with the drought it produced well but last year the conditions
were more like normal. It averaged 2 full ears about 9-10 inches long.
About a1/3 of the stalks had 3 full ears. Some had 5, 3 full ears and 2
small ears. Not little nubins but smaller than 9". It also has a small
diameter cob. It freezes well both on the cob and as whole kernel.
    My dad swears by Guadalupe Gold. It is hard to find but it is a
delicious yellow corn.
    I'm getting ready to plant my fall crop of Lasoda red potatos. I'm
depending on the Old Farmers Almanac. It predicts normal rainfall in
Sept. I'm going to wait until then to plant my cole crops. Last year I
planted them in August and they burned up. Didn't make any Broccoli or
Brussel Sprouts. The cabbage and cauliflower was stunted but recovered
enough to make a crop.
    I see where George has been getting some rain. The southeastern
corner of Texas has been doing ok too. The rain is still missing us in
Bastrop Co. Since April 19th we have had a total of 2.2" in 6 rain
events. South Texas is getting some real heavy rain, 9" in some places
the last couple of days.
    Still getting some Jalapeno Grande and Anaheim Chilis. Everthing
else is long gone.
Bastrop Co.,Tx
Zone 8