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>>>Saw Leahy perform (a dancing/fiddling/singing family).  You Canadians do
>grow some major talent
>>Yes they are natives but Mom is from Cape Breton.  That's where the music
>>comes from.  Lucinda
>Pardon my ignorance... another geographically-challenged American here...
>Where is Cape Breton?

Cape Breton is the northeastern area of Nov Scotia, linked to the rest by a
lengthy causeway which was built about 40 years ago.  It is a very remote
part of a very remote province.  Cape Breton is sliced up into French,
Scottish, Irish and some English villages, usually one ethnic group
predominating.  Actually, the whole province is like that, but it's more
noticable in Cape Breton.  The accents are different than the rest of the
island, and Gaelic is still taught in some of the schools, depending on the
local population.  Some villages still have road signs in Gaelic and French
is more common in some others.  

>And not to take anything from Ontario-ites...the dad was loaded with talent
>(he's a fiddler) and he's from Nova Scotia.  They (Leahy family) grew up on
>a farm in Nova Scotia... where their parents and some sibs still live. 

They are from Lakefield, Ontario, roughly near Ottawa (northeast of the
province) and a largely french rural area, with plenty of Irish there as
well.  I think  That accounts for some of the fiddling style (Acadian) but
Mom is from Cape Breton, adding another layer  of Acadian music as well as
the celtic stuff.   Apparently she did quite a bity of step-dancing since
she was regional champion several times over.  I suspect anyone who has 11
kids is fairly energetic.


>Mum was the dancer....but how much dancing can you do when your birthing 11
>Regardless, of who or where...this group of performers gave one of the most
>outstanding shows I've ever seen (made Riverdance seem like a slow waltz in
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