Re: [gardeners] Hurricane Bonnie update

Harry Boswell (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 09:12:08 -0500

We spent Hurricane Bonnie Week moving our daughter to Duke, in
Durham, NC.  Despite foreboding radar shots on TV, the weather in
Durham was pretty much OK.  I had said if we could just get her things
moved in, I didn't care what happened after that, but all we had Tuesday 
and Wednesday were occasional rain bands that only lasted 10-15
minutes.  A nice breeze helped cool things off.  So, weather-wise,
a decent week.  It was hard to leave Duke, though - not because we
were leaving a little chick behind (she was ready for us to be gone 
so she could get started with college), but because Duke, with all
the gothic, I guess, architecture, and tradition, is like a world out
of time.  But leave we did, and took the slow road back to Mississippi,
winding down through the mountains southeast from Asheville.
I love the mountains - gonna move there one day.

Gotta run - promotion Sunday at church, still got one 8 YO chick
at home.