Re: [gardeners] Hurricane Earl

Allen and Judy Merten (
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 00:43:57 -0500

Hi Liz and George,
    I know just how you feel Liz. Hurricane Alicia peeled the roof back
a few feet on the bedroom side of our house in Texas City in '83. It was
Thanksginving before all the repairs were done and we could sleep in our
bedrooms again. This was with a 12yr old son, a newborn in Oct.and my
wife and me.
    The incredible mess that was left when the sheet rock ceiling and
the walls collapsed onto our beds and the clothes in our closets was
horrible. We had been rather smart about preparing for the new baby and
had bought everthing that we would need for several months after the
birth. Because of the insulation was fiberglass we had to throw out the
baby clothes not being able to remove 100% of the fibers.
   George glad you got to duck this one. There is always some damage
even from Catagory 1 storms. Always the danger of tornados too.
Bastrop Co.,Tx

Liz wrote:

> Glad you guys were spared, George.  I've cleaned up after too many
> hurricanes to wish one on anyone.
> Liz