Re: [gardeners] Perfect Weather and This and that

George Shirley (
Sun, 06 Sep 1998 08:30:06

At 07:03 AM 9/6/98 -0400, you wrote:

>Well, up here in the Northern is absolutely... perfectly
>gorgeous.  Come mid-winter my grumbles will be loud and I'll be jealous
>when George talks about his winter gardening and the lovely weather he's
>having.  But right now....ahhhhh....right now is the weather Northerners
>live for.  The memory of Autumn skies and warm breezes that we take out in
>February and try to defrost our souls. 
> The days are in the low to mid 70's(F) and the nights are in the low 50's.
> This makes it perfect for working out in the yard, moving perennials,
>digging new beds, harvesting the end of season seeds.  Then to sleep with
>the windows wide open and the cooling breezes wafting across the brow...I
>sleep deep and hard during this season and wake up feeling so refreshed and
>full of energy.
snip, snip

You still couldn't get most of us thin-blooded southerners to move up
there. <VBG> I did enjoy the two years I spent in Rhode Island but not the
cold, wet, snow part. It does sound really nice though, especially when
it's already 80F here and it's only 0830. Our sprinklers are going too.

George, envious of the cool