Re: [gardeners] Hummingbirds

Terry King (
Sun, 06 Sep 1998 06:52:08 -0600

On Sun, 06 Sep 1998 08:26:16, George Shirley wrote:
>Nope, they're usually passing through about now, at least the early ones,
>mostly females right now. The main bunch passes through between early
>November and early to mid December. As I understand it from the state bird
>folk the hummers go on down to Cameron Parish, the parish between us 
>the Gulf, feed up some more and then, when winds are just right, make the
>jump across the Gulf of Mexico. It just amazes me that these little birds
>can fly across a body of water that big. So, we do our part and put feeders
>out for them so they can store the energy needed. In a normal year I
>wouldn't want to be around your place in September either. ;-) Starts
>getting a little frosty doesn't it?

It can get a little frosty--normally.  So far the two slight frosts we had a 
couple of weeks ago have been it.  First killing frost is usually in the middle 
of the month.  I hope it doesn't come that soon this year.  With this heat my 
plants are really just beginning to grow properly and not nearly hardened 
off enough.

I ate my first two ripe tomatoes on Thursday.  One Sweet 100 and one 
yellow pear.  Hope there are more soon.