Re: [gardeners] Hummingbirds

George Shirley (
Sun, 06 Sep 1998 08:26:16

At 11:16 PM 9/5/98 -0600, you wrote:
>On Sat, 05 Sep 1998 15:17:39, George Shirley wrote:
>>Forgot to mention that the hummingbirds are passing through on their way
>>south. Have seen several over the past few days and put the test feeder 
>>this morning. Several little heliocopters have been fighting over it since
>>so guess I'll put up a couple more. Looks to be mostly ruby throat females
>>although it is difficult for me to tell the ruby throat and black chin
>>females apart. Did see one immature male ruby throat but a bigger female
>>ran him off. Back to the patio door.
>Is this late for them in your area George?  I had a few pass through in 
>August but saw one again yesterday!  Seeing one here in Sept. is unheard 
>of!  Must be the long hot spell we're having.  It's been over 80 and 
>sometimes 90 here for at least 2 weeks.  Things are getting mighty crispy, 
>not good with hunting season just starting.
Nope, they're usually passing through about now, at least the early ones,
mostly females right now. The main bunch passes through between early
November and early to mid December. As I understand it from the state bird
folk the hummers go on down to Cameron Parish, the parish between us and
the Gulf, feed up some more and then, when winds are just right, make the
jump across the Gulf of Mexico. It just amazes me that these little birds
can fly across a body of water that big. So, we do our part and put feeders
out for them so they can store the energy needed. In a normal year I
wouldn't want to be around your place in September either. ;-) Starts
getting a little frosty doesn't it?