Re: [gardeners] Perennials for the south

Liz (
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 07:43:26 +0000

I'll give you a very abbreviated version of the story.  Catharine 
ordered plants for the Herb sale for the Herb society (some of you 
may remember that), called several times to make sure they had the 
ordered plants, called the day before she drove to SP&H to pick up 
the plants and was assured everything was in order.  She drove to 
SP&H in MS to pick up the plants and they didn't have them.  Toured 
the facilities and discovered that most of their stock had been 
untended for a long period of time and was dead/dying.  In short, it 
appears that the reason a number of people have had trouble getting 
what they order from SP&H is that they don't have many of the plants 
listed in the catalog.

BTW, Catharine took photographs to document the condition of the 
place and their plants.

I think that one of the reasons Catharine was so frustrated was that 
the herb sale involved ordering several thousand dollars worth of 
plants to sell at an event called something along the lines of Herbs 
for Atlanta.  It was a "Southern" thing and she was trying to give 
business to a  southern company.  SP&H knew the importance of the 
order and they left her in the lurch very close to the date of the 
herb sale.

Maybe she just got them in a bad year.