[gardeners] Outage and weather

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 12:00:01

Well, Thursday morning I shut the old computer down, dismantled it and
hauled it to my guru in town. Traded it in on the latest, greatest, bestest
thing on the market. Looked at the price in upgrading my Pentium I to a
Pentium II and the difference between a new motherboard and a whole 'nother
computer was only $200.00 so went with the new machine. Got pretty much
what I had on the other machine except for 266mHz now, a 33.6 modem vs
28.8, and double the harddrive space. Even put my tape backup into the new

Today, Friday, I was supposed to go to Beaumont, TX to the VA clinic but
the high winds and lashing rains of TS Frances dissuaded me of that idea.
About 1030 this am, my guru said the new machine was ready. As the wind and
rain had fizzled out I drove the 10 miles into Lake Charles to get the
machine. Bad luck, all the streets were flooded, it was raining about an
inch a minute it seemed, and all the SUV's and 4X4 pickups were out running
the streets. A couple of times I had bow waves washing over the top of my
little Dodge, she never quit running though. By the time I got to Glen's
shop the rain had stopped and when I left the water had, mostly, gone down.
We flood fast down here but it runs off equally fast. I drove the high
ground back to the freeway and headed home only to find a street I use to
get to my blocked by a fallen tree. A humongous oak tree had fallen on a
friend's house and on out into the street. Had to back up and go on another

After all that nerve-wracking travel I sat me down and assembled this new
machinen and am pleased to say that I like it right well. I finally
upgraded from Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.11 to Windows 98 and, so far, it
appears to work well.

Garden content: Looks like most of the newly sprouted seedlings survived
the high winds and rains, particularly after we put on the Hackberry
Reeboks (white rubber boots worn by shrimpers) and went out and tenderly
picked each seedling up out of the mud. More rain forecast through about
Monday so we'll stay in touch. Tonight is the Gallery Promenade when all
the art galleries in town are having open house. Reckon Miz Anne will be
busy from about 1 pm until 9 pm. Me, I hide at home with the dog and stay
away from those weird artists. <VBG>

Was glad to see that everyone was talking growing things on the list.