Re: [gardeners] Perennials for the south

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Sat, 12 Sep 1998 09:50:35 -0400

>Try Niche Gardens.  They have an outstanding reputation and are
>Southern.  Wonderful selection of plants.


Yes, I agree, Niche Gardens is another good one.   I've been there, and they
beautiful display gardens, and the plants are well tended and healthy.  They
not far from Plant Delights, here in NC.

Another glaring omission of mine is Gene Bush's nursery, Munchkin Nursery.
I realize that he isn't exactly in a Southron State, but they do get heat
and humidity
in the summer, and his plants have adapted well for me.  I've been to his
too, and his plants are well tended and look healthy.  Of all the plants
that I have
ordered from him, he has only had to make one substitution, and I was happy
with it.

Good luck, Matt.  With time, I'm sure we'll come up with more.
BTW, I've also been to Plant Delights nursery.  What a display garden!!  It
is incredible!  Plants are well tended and healthy.
I had forgotten about Catharine's experience with Southern Perennials and

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