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Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 14:29:06 -0400

>At 04:58 PM 9/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>>I think your plan for wildlife is a fine one.  Oregon and other
>>>Northwesterners will miss you.  Margaret
>>Was everyone aware that Vicki Okeef, late of the Gardens list, is planning
>>to move back to Texas next spring and the terrible gardening weather is to
>>blame? The NW's loss is Texas' gain. Cheryl
>>Cheryl Schaefer
>>Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY
>Cheryl, Vicki's mother passed away, and she lived in Texas.  I assumed
>Vicki was going "home" to take over family property, rather than being
>chased out by terrible gardening weather.  In fact I thought she had
>already moved.  Margaret

Vicki is still in Seattle, until next year, and many factors contributed to
the decision to return to Texas, but not being able to buy an equivalent
amount of land in Washington and be able to garden on it as extensively as
she wants to, principally because of the weather, was the main reason, I
gather. She can build on the Texas land, too, and still come out ahead
after selling her Seattle home, the value of which seems to go up daily.
She really was very frustrated with gardening this year. Underlying it all
may be the deep sense of loss with both parents now gone and the need to
really belong somewhere. I had the sense that she doesn't feel very
attached to her life in Seattle. I do hope she'll find what she's looking
for. Cheryl

Cheryl Schaefer
Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY