Re: [gardeners] Introduction

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 14:14:04 -0600

>Vicki is still in Seattle, until next year, and many factors contributed to
>the decision to return to Texas, but not being able to buy an equivalent
>amount of land in Washington and be able to garden on it as extensively as
>she wants to, principally because of the weather, was the main reason, I
>gather. She can build on the Texas land, too, and still come out ahead
>after selling her Seattle home, the value of which seems to go up daily.
>She really was very frustrated with gardening this year. Underlying it all
>may be the deep sense of loss with both parents now gone and the need to
>really belong somewhere. I had the sense that she doesn't feel very
>attached to her life in Seattle. I do hope she'll find what she's looking
>for. Cheryl
>Cheryl Schaefer
>Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY
I used to frequent Seattle from time to time in the 1960s, when we lived
east of the Cascades in fly-specked Ellensburg.  Had to ride the @#$%^
elevator to the space needle so many times I developed severe acrophobia.
I didn't get to Seattle again until a year ago last winter.  Traffic there
has turned ghastly!  Freeways are bumper-to-bumper and fast about 23 hours
out of the day, according to Vicki.  IMHO the city has lost a lot of its
charm.  I don't blame her for wanting to move, although she hasn't lived in
Texas for about 40 years, has she?  (She, too, lived in Ellensburg,
arriving just after we moved away.  I met her in Seattle, through the
cyber-gardeners at the Seattle Flower Show. )  I guess I ought to invite
her to sign onto gardeners, as long as we're talking about her.  She could
keep in touch even from Tejas.  Margaret