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> Well, I didn't know this history. What a charming story! My property is
>about 5 or so miles south of Sisterdale. 
>> There are several fine "native" nurseries in the general area and a 
>> wealth of written information on just the sort of gardening you want 
>> to do. The Native Plant Society has a very active chapter in 
>> Fredericksburg; their one drawback, their meetings are at night and 
>> driving your road after dark can be "thrilling" because of the deer 
>> on the road. 
> Oh, this sounds neat. I'm aware of one or two "native" nurseries, but I'm
>hoping there are more. I've done a cursory "plant inventory" of the
>property and already have several good stands of live oak, escarpment oak,
>and ashe elm along with various shrubs besides the juniper. I'm going to
>try to do a "building envelope" when constructions starts. For those of
>you who don't know what this is--it's a way to limit the builders from
>going all over a piece of property, running over shrubs, compacting soil,
>etc. Essentially, you restrict the builders to one entrance and exit and
>limit them to a certain number of feet around the perimeter of the
>construction. It's a little more expensive to build this way, but if you
>think about the cost of replacing plants destroyed in the construction
>process, it isn't all that bad. 
> Well, I can't say I'd relish the idea of encountering a deer on the road
>at night, but I guess I'll just have to risk it if I want to learn
There's a piece of inexpensive equipment that can be added to the front
bumper of your car that, supposedly, makes the deer stop and look instead
of dashing in front of you. Number of folks of my acquaintance around here
live in areas where deer run about at night and they all swear by them. I
think the outdoor catalogs carry them. They're evidently some sort of
device that makes the air whistle through them at a frequency only animals
can here. Saw them in Sports Afield a few years back but didn't order. Most
of our deer run down the middle of the street and are easy to see under the
street lights. <VBG> Hope this helps.