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> > Well, I didn't know this history. What a charming story! My property is
> >about 5 or so miles south of Sisterdale. 

I moved to Texas last fall from east-central Oregon.  We had so many 
deer and one could always encounter them at night, but especially at 
dawn and dusk.  We seldom left the ranch at night, but my husband 
installed the "whistle" on our vehicle.  We couldn't hear it,of course, 
but it was supposed to alert deer; however, I wouldn't depend on 
something like that because we found they'd jump up out of a ditch onto 
the road in front of a vehicle when it would be too late to stop.  One 
neighbor, who worked at the hospital until midnight, ran into deer four 
times and had the front end of her vehicle completely smashed in twice.
So, I'd confine all except absolutely necessary driving to daytime.

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> > Well, I can't say I'd relish the idea of encountering a deer on the road
> >at night, but I guess I'll just have to risk it if I want to learn
> >anything.
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> >Vicki 
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> There's a piece of inexpensive equipment that can be added to the front
> bumper of your car that, supposedly, makes the deer stop and look instead
> of dashing in front of you. Number of folks of my acquaintance around here
> live in areas where deer run about at night and they all swear by them. I
> think the outdoor catalogs carry them. They're evidently some sort of
> device that makes the air whistle through them at a frequency only animals
> can here. Saw them in Sports Afield a few years back but didn't order. Most
> of our deer run down the middle of the street and are easy to see under the
> street lights. <VBG> Hope this helps.
> George