Re: [gardeners] Vicki

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 14:29:46 -0600

>There's a piece of inexpensive equipment that can be added to the front
>bumper of your car that, supposedly, makes the deer stop and look instead
>of dashing in front of you. Number of folks of my acquaintance around here
>live in areas where deer run about at night and they all swear by them. I
>think the outdoor catalogs carry them. They're evidently some sort of
>device that makes the air whistle through them at a frequency only animals
>can here. Saw them in Sports Afield a few years back but didn't order. Most
>of our deer run down the middle of the street and are easy to see under the
>street lights. <VBG> Hope this helps.
It's a pair of whistles, George.  Some folks encounter deer anyway, then
turn out to have mounted one on the front bumper, the other on the back.  I
haven't had any deer dart out in front of me when I had them on our
vehicle, but I think I ran over the only deaf prairie dog in Wyoming.
You're supposed to remember to remove them before you go through a car wash
or else you'll lose them.  As it was, I lost the glued-on fixture one was
supposed to slide onto.  There is an option of screwing those fixtures to
the bumper, and I recommend it.  Margaret