Re: [gardeners] Good Consistency

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Sat, 19 Sep 1998 19:48:05 -0400

>>I bet y'all have wonderful dinner conversations!  ;-)
>But of course! "Do we have to talk about this now?!" is one of our favorite
>dinner phrases.
> I'm usually bringing up something semi-disgusting from the garden.
> Cyn is a retired Radiologist/Technician from a local hospital.
> Jackie will just sit there and look at us as if she's wondering where she
>found the two of us. <VBG>
>Matt Trahan  <> or <>

I hear ya, Matt!  <VBG>  We have the same kind of dinner conversations,
since I'm a nurse and Michael's a Medical Technologist!  Our own kids are
used to it, but they often have a friend over to eat with us, and I do
them about dinner conversations, as a time or two, one of their friends
has turned a funny shade of green, and suddenly lost their appetite...
Of course, David, being an 8 year old boy, doesn't understand what
the problem is...    ;-)   The girls think it's funny.  :-D

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