[gardeners] Wednesday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 10:02:33

What a blooming week!! Started Sunday off with nausea, headache, and just
feeling terrible. With the influx of mosquitoes carrying equine
encephalitis the flu like symptoms scared Miz Anne and I both. Doctor, on
Monday, said I had the worse case of infected sinuses he had ever seen, so
bad I bled from the nose for 3 days. Antibiotics finally kicked in and
today I can do something besides sleep and drink lots of liquids. Headache
is finally gone and the nose isn't bleeding anymore but still have a little
infection. Guess it was the drought and dust followed by tremendous rains
and molds and mildews plus all the spraying in the neighborhood for

Garden isn't doing much due to, for a change, too much rain. Got another 3
or 4 inches last night in about a 2-hour period. Rains like the dickens
then the next day the hot sun is out again, cooks young plants quickly. On
top of that the mosquito control folks are saying we are having the worse
mosquito influx in 50 years. I can believe it because you can see clouds of
them hovering over the fields and when they're visible to the naked eye
like that there must be millions. Farmers are having to spray their stock
to keep them alive. Most cattle were already weakened by the drought and
now the mozzies are, literally, draining them dry. We stay in as much as
possible and check the dog closely when she comes in from outside.

Hope everyone else is having a better week and better luck gardening.