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George Shirley (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 16:22:37

At 05:39 PM 9/29/98 -0300, you wrote:
>George Shirley wrote:
>> This list has now topped 120 members including digesters. Big influx in
>> last 48 hours. Would someone who has recently joined mind telling the rest
>> of us how you found out about gardeners. We've been running about 60 - 70
>> members for a year and just in two days we've doubled. 
>LOL!!!...Didn't know so many had come over...<grin>...
>A mention on the Gardens list...and "zip" we come! least,
>And...I am...Kim Cook, from wonderful Prince Edward Island, East coast
>Canada...gardening maniac...lots of stuff growin here still...I'm currently
>waiting for my Echinacea to bloom for the first time...

Ours appears to have finished for the year. We've a patch growing on the
west side of the house that Miz Anne takes cut flowers from.

>-Started from seed this spring...hope the frost holds off'd be
>great to see it.
>new gaillardia plants blooming this week...started from seed this spring

Ahh, gaillardia, along with Echinacea one of the few flowers, other than a
rose, that I can identify on sight. Miz Anne grew them in Saudi Arabia
because we had seen them growing wild along the Texas seashore. They
withstood little water and lots of heat and sun quite well. A tough beauty.

>For fall flowers galore...start perennials in March...<grin>...the
>hollyhocks are just blooming too...what a strange year this has been in my
>garden.  All the regular stuff, roses etc...done by mid early
>summer bloomers just starting by October...

Miz Anne grew up in Southern Maryland and her Mom always had hollyhocks.
We've been unable to grow them very well down here but are still trying.
Amazingly they grew well at 8200 feet in Sana'a, Republic of Yemen. Made
Miz Anne less homesick having them growing in her flower beds.

>For a vegetable treat next year, you should try to find some Luther Hill
> was the best I've EVER none. I found it thru Prairie
>grown Garden Seeds, Saskatchewan...(306) 386-2737   
>Kim   -still cringing at the sight of So-o-o-o much garden clean up left to
>do...anyone want a free Island vacation at my house?...<grin>...bring a
>shovel and some rubber boots...
>Kim Cook  ICQ#3987340              
>Prince Edward Island, Canada        
Good to hear from you Kim, welcome to our backyard.