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George Shirley (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:50:27

At 06:33 PM 9/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>As an off & on member of the gardens list I have missed seeing your
>humorous posts & have wondered what became of you.  As someone else
>missed you too & posted a question as to your whereabouts we were told
>of this list & here we are.  I was looking for a list with a little less
>traffic & so far this is a piece of cake.

At's us, little traffic and a piece of cake. 

>I garden here in East Tennessee on a lot approx. 50x150 in the city.  I
>grow mostly perennials but love shrubs & grow lots of unusual annuals
>that I grow from seed beginning in late winter & early spring.  I am in
>the process of removing what little bit of lawn I have left in the yard
>& replacing it with plant material.  My landscaping is mainly to attract
>birds, butterflies & beneficial insects as I do not use any chemicals in
>my yard. I just let the insects duke it out & the best insect almost
>always wins.
>We have had almost no rain in the last 6 weeks so my garden is beginning
>to look sad & ready to be put to bed for the winter.  They are saying we
>might get some thunderstorms later tonight so I'm keeping my fingers
>I'm glad to have found your list & happy to know you're ok.
>E TN z6b
Thankee, thankee, I'm doing well, can't say as much for the garden. Had
drought most of the year and now we're about 12 inches ahead on rain for
the year. Thought we might get some rain from Georges but no, not a drop.
It has been sunshine and mid-nineties here on the east side of the storm.
Gotta get out and water some stuff tomorrow as I noted they were looking a
little sad this afternoon.

Your place sounds really nice. Our lot is just a little bigger but very
crowded. Miz Anne been fighting to keep the front lawn but I hope to go to
the city council and apply to get it designated as a wildscape. Just found
out a few days ago you could do that. Would then get rid of the San
Augustine grass and plant low-growing wild flowers. Pretty near got all the
lawn gone from the backyard and never had much of a side yard. I think what
you're doing with your place is the way to go.

Newsflash: Found a source of free woodshavings and sawdust today from a
commercial operation. Mostly hardwood with a little pine thrown in and
nearly all kiln dried. Might make good mulch and good path material. Miz
Anne just dropped by and said she had discovered another source of horse
manure and even closer in then our previous source. Oh, the joys of gardening.