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Brenda K Ginder-Seabold (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 19:37:26 -0500

George and all,

I missed the wit and wisdom of  yourself, Margaret, Liz, Catharine,
Lillian and Lucinda!  When your new location was revealed I had to join
and continue lurking as I do on Gardens.  Even my children miss the
dialogues of some of your zanier "relatives"!  They fondly recall a
storyline concerning rutabegas by Lillian some time ago.

My gardening experience was phenominal this year due to my non-gardening
husband and his family.  I received two 4'x12' raised beds for my April
birthday.  On Mothers' Day  I revelled in being able to plant about 40
tomatoes (11 varieties) that I started indoors.   For the first time in
years I was able to harvest enough of my own tomatoes to fulfill all my
canning needs!  I have a postage stamp inner city garden and this doubled
my space.  Some of my vines reached 8' or better- that's my tallest
stake.  I started canning in July and still have tomatoes on the vine.  I
tried Tumbler in hanging baskets just outside the back door and salad
making was even easier.   Kellogg's Breakfast won out as the "Best of

On the decorative side I planted Jigsaw peppers.  They are a striking
plant with their varigated foliage.  Being a timid type when it comes to
hot peppers I haven't tried the fruit, which I understand is hot.  Right
now I have Lions Ears blooming in the flower bed.  They are about 8' tall
and have interesting orange flowers.  The flowers don't seem to be
filling out as described in the catalog so maybe my zone 5 climate is not
what they want.  I believe they come from South Africa.  I tried
Thunbergia alata "Susie Mix" in hanging baskets and growing up my garage.
 They still look good on the garage.  The rose Zephirine Droughin found a
place in my yard this year.  

George its good to hear you suffered no harm from the storm!  After this
long-winded harangue I will now enjoy lurking again and enjoying the
humor many of you bring.

Brenda Ginder-Seabold
zone 5
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