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Beulah Mae (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 16:18:06 +0000

Brenda K Ginder-Seabold <> wrote:

> Even my children miss the
> dialogues of some of your zanier "relatives"!  They fondly recall a
> storyline concerning rutabegas by Lillian some time ago.

I heard a rumor that one of our rich relatives, Cousin Ignatius 
Warren Munger Riley, done funded us a free list where won't nobody 
complain when we gets to talkin about the different uses of corn cobs 
and yard-long beans instead of growin the doggone things.  Heard that 
DeDe done conned one of the fambly into running it.  Also heard from 
a reliable source as in straight from the horses mouth that someone 
in the fambly is talkin about runnin a combination high class house 
of ill repute and barbecue pit but I ain't one to gossip so you 
didn't hear it from me.

I also think we got a Cousin on this list that you ain't met yet but 
he's kinda shy about lettin folks know he's kin so he just signs his 
name as Allen.  We done agreed not to talk about Allen's County Agent 
problem until he's comfortable signing on as a member of the fambly 
and using his real name so please don't go teasing him none about 
them Aggie agents.  

Chatty Cathy better get a move on cause times a wasting and I ain't 
gettin any younger.  Gettin better but not younger.  

Yours in a fambly way,
Beulah Mae