RE: [gardeners]The list

Catharine Vinson (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:35:05 -0400

Beulah Mae wrote:

Chatty Cathy better get a move on cause times a wasting and I ain't
gettin any younger.  Gettin better but not younger.

Hold on to your girdle, gal! DeDe done broke my arm and got me to figure out
how to set up that List Thang so all the family could flap their jaws
without disrupting the high tone  horticultural matters that properly take
place here.

Here's how to get there. Just past the following URL into your browser and
you will be taken to the front door:

DeDe tells you to get a move on it. Preacher's fixing to have a fit about
Lizzie Lu's notion of guud bidness opportunities. I don't know if I can keep
the old boy from saddling up his old donkey and heading for the Sheriff's
office to get the law on Lizzie.....

As ever,
Your cousin Chatty Cathy

p.s. - if you lose the address, the name of the list is "kinfolks" (no
quotes, lower case letter 'k'). It's based at onelist (