[gardeners] Back from Lurkland

drusus@golden.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:49:15 -0400

Back from Lurkland thanks to a nudge from Margaret (yes Margaret, your
nudge took a long time to take effect).

Gardening has not been good this year in the Ontario Great Lakes region.
Long, hot dry summer topped off by starving animals and bugs (e.g., iris
borer and 6 groundhogs) invading my garden when the food sources in the
railroad allowance gave wiped out most of the veggies and some of the
ornamentals.  Other items looking somewhat peaked.  We had a good thunder
storm the other night but I think it's a case of too little too late.  I am
ripping out blocks of grass to replace with ornamental and tough shrubs
with the idea of selling this place or at the very least reducing the
garden responsibilities. I have gotten my gardening jollies lately by
studying books about native plants and introduced species (now almost
native) of the maritime region of Canada where we have just purchased a
small farm.  I don't know how soon I am going to be able to move there but
it's nice to contemplate.

I have also been busy with trying to do cosmetic surgery on the inside of
the house----so many things just have gotten put off.  

Liz, I heard you were in the process of shrubbing up your property for sale
sometime or other...what sorts are you putting in?  ANyone have any ideas
about hardy and elegant looking shrubs for USDA zone 4/5 or so?

Rosemary how is your house coming along?