Re: [gardeners] splitting tomatos

penny x stamm (
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 00:49:16 -0400

Hello, Allen -- sure glad for the help with the tomatoes!  If my
problem is water, then it's too much. The veggies are in the full sun,
but my hubby is a water fanatic, and he has a black soaker hose 
twined around those tomatoes which provides water twice a day. 

The regular tomatoes did not split at all, just the Sweet 100s. The
cucumbers did badly (altho I got many crooked ones), and the bok
choy is still very happy. Every day there seems to be another
catastrophe out there.......

I always put a gallon Clorox bottle (minus its top and bottom)
around each tomato plant. Apparently I don't fertilize often enough, 
especially in the light of the excess water. 

One thing did work, though:  99% of the top soil with grass seed
that I had broadcast over the Roundupped areas of lawn has come
in, and looks too good to be true! 

We're having 45 mph winds for 24 hrs, and everything which is not
nailed down has blown up and into the trees.  


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