RE: [gardeners] re: Dumb Question now New House

Rosemary Carlson (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 11:10:34 -0400

At 10:36 AM 10/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Rosemary, I understand your frustration. But take 10 deep breaths and repeat
>to yourself:

Thanks, Catharine. All good advice...see below.

>1. you enjoyed the *process* of making your gardens, you learned a lot that
>you will bring to the process of making a garden at your new house. So
>ultimately it really doesn't matter what the next occupant of your current
>house does to the house. You had the pleasure of the garden. That's what

This is true. Let's hope there IS another occupant of my house! :)

>2. all homeowners panic that they are never going to be able to sell their
>houses. Baring a black Tuesday, I think it would be hard for a house NOT to
>sell in today's market.

I keep telling myself this........

>3. you will make it a LOT easier (and saner) for yourself if you make
>yourself scarce when a realtor comes by with a sales prospect. It's
>masochistic for the seller to ever see a prospect until earnest money
>contracts are written at the earliest!

Again, true. Sellers shouldn't be around. However, given the fact that I'm
caring for my invalid mother who *can't* leave the house when a prospect
comes, this isn't possible. Not to mention the 3 dogs.....Mom stays in her
bedroom. The dogs, the lady that takes care of Mom,  and I go outside! And
it's HARD. Very hard to open up your home! The prospect of having to take
Mom (and dogs) to her sister's tomorrow so we can have an open house
strikes terror in my heart! :)

>4. Follow the excellent advice posted here to crank up the bread machine a
>hour or so before a realtor shows up with a prospect in tow. The aroma of
>baking bread really, really gets to people on a subliminal level and has
>helped sell houses for many years.

Yep, I do this. Since something is nearly always cooking - not hard. 

However, the realtors in Lex provide each other with feedback. The feedback
on my house is often, "Nice home. Too much lawn/garden care for my client."

>5. "This too shall pass."

Yep, let's hope I can stay sane 'til it does! :) Thanks, all, for lettting
me vent. WHAT a GREAT list!

Rosemary in Lexington, KY
zone 6a - who has 2 more batches of "lookers" coming this afternoon and
it's pouring RAIN. Considering this is our first REAL rain since July 30 -
I'm glad!