Re: [gardeners] re: Dumb Question now New House

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 08:03:36 -0600

At 09:53 AM 10/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>You've got it, Allen. EVERYONE here uses lawn services. But me, of course.
>Also, Lex is a VERY yuppie area. Yuppies (most) neither have the time nor
>desire to garden - and they change houses every 3-4 years (trading up!).
>Part of what makes it difficult to sell a house with gardens. 
>5 years ago, when I bought the house I'm currently trying to sell, it
>occurred to me that I wouldn't be in this house forever - and that,
>perhaps, I shouldn't have put in extensive gardens. I was right. Wish I'd
>listened to myself! :) Now, I'm very likely to be stuck with 2 house
>payments, for at least awhile, until I can SELL THIS HOUSE!! AARRRGGGGGHHHHHH
>At any rate, if you have to move, prepare for it long in advance and take
>some time to turn the gardens into grass. I guarantee your house will sell
>easier. Unfortunately, there is not a gardener-to-gardener house exchange! :(
>Rosemary in cold, rainy Lexington, KY - whose realtor is having an open
>house here tomorrow - and I have SO much work to do!
Rosemary, tell your Realtor that you spend x number of hours per week on
your yard, and after all, you are employed full time.  You might also
divide the number of hours per week you spend on your garden and point out
that 2/3x hours are spent on your lawn.  Margaret