Re: [gardeners] Lemon Drop chiles

George Shirley (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 20:20:19

At 08:56 PM 10/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 03:20 PM 10/3/98, you wrote:
>>Damn, should have twigged to the Mayeaux but figured you might be Canuck.
>>Why haven't you frozen to death yet, it gets much colder in Michigan than
>>Cajun country? ;-) So you really are southron!
>hmmmm, I thought my name was memorable, although unpronounceable...
>remember you made a bet with your wife about my beginnings, and you
>lost.... that was back in the spring when I was sending you some seed...
>so how did the Nicotiana bloom?

Yeah, I remember, but Mayeaux is easy to pronounce, just like saying pass
the Mayo. At least around here that's how it is pronounced. Try Billedeaux,
or Courville, or one of the many variations on Peveteaux. The Nicotiana
bloomed well and was most memorable for the evening scent. You sent enough
seed to plant around the doorway for the next ten years. You must be a
compulsive seed saver like my daughter, if it has a seed she saves it.

>I have lived most of my life in Northern Michigan and my blood is thicker
>than pudding.  H*ll, I don't even put on a coat until it drops below 30F.
>**Womyn Who Moves Mountains-Little Finger Of Michigan**
>** **USDA zone 4b-Sunset zone 41**
>** **
At 30F we can hardly move for the clothes we have on. I do better in
deserts than in Michigan. Passed up a job once in Alma, Michigan, the
Middle of the Mitten. Plant manager told me they had deeper snow and colder
weather in January than Anchorage, Alaska. I had just left Anchorage for
southern climes.

George, whose memory is fading fast