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Sat, 03 Oct 1998 21:09:45 -0400

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>Allen wrote:
>>     This is unbelievable. Joe Shmuck would rather buy a house with a lawn
>> that looks like a put-put golf course? I guess so they can hire a lawn
>> service to come mow, fertilize, pestisize and have most of it run down the
>> gutter when it rains.
>An economist on tv made the comment that the biggest industry in the 
>US is lawns.
>Lawns! dumb old lawns. Boring, labor-intensive, never-returns-nothing 
>What are we? Sheep? Do we graze? Are our souls as green and 
>non-productive as our lawns? Ugh. Pat

Amen Pat, Amen!

This summer I eliminated over 6,000 square feet of grass, in it's place
I've put a rose and clematis arbor, a 15' x 15' walk through perennial
showcase, expanded the cutting garden for some veges, prepared a 60' x 17'
border, and the piece d'resistance.... my labor of love.... a 25' x 25'
Knot Garden (plans courtesy of Jaime).

I'll bet you are wondering what I did with all that sod... well as my
signature line indicates... I move mountains... this particular mountain I
turned upside down on a hillside and build a terrace... for what else....
another perennial bed to be built next Spring.

**Womyn Who Moves Mountains-Little Finger Of Michigan**
** **USDA zone 4b-Sunset zone 41**
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