RE: walls was RE: [gardeners] Rosemary's house

Catharine Vinson (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 14:34:11 -0400

Lucinda wrote:

All of  our walls are white, the only colour my husband and I could agree
upon.  Now, as we are planning to replace the sagging ceiling in our
bedroom and strip the old wallpaper (painted over white) I am threatening
to paint the walls whorehouse red.  The rest of the walls are pretty well
covered with pictures.

Go for the red, Lucinda. I once had my living room painted a deep rust-red
for the walls and trim. Floors were dark walnut buffed to a high shine. I
loved that room. I always swore that one day I would do a library with high
gloss pigeon blood red walls, add a Recamier, a tantalus and a naked lady
painting over the fireplace and enjoy the reactions of semi-shocked visitors

Course, Lizzie Lu is the real expert on bawdy house wall colors....