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Carol Wallace (
Tue, 06 Oct 1998 21:28:22 -0400

George Shirley wrote:

> Our first home had walls of different colors (circa 1965) and we couldn't
> sell it until all were painted flat white. Since then we've stuck with
> white walls and ceiling and used paintings, objects d' arte (fancy word for
> junk from all around the world), and our oriental carpets as color accents.
> When you're married to an artist you needn't worry too much about color.
> <BG> Our daughter-in-law is an interior decorator of sorts, works
> part-time, and she keeps wanting to paint our interior walls different
> colors. Have to admit their place looks good but after seeing white for so
> long I'm not sure about magenta, hunter green, etc, walls.
> George

I *love* stong color on walls! Our bedroom is navy blue - but then it gets lots
of light both because it has four huge windows and because of the exposure. We
even have a bathroom with black wallpaper, and the sunroom alls are basically
forest green. These are all lightened up with liberal doses of white and bright
in the accessories.

The living room was a deep mauve, but that was the one room with strong color
that had to change - I had envisioned it with furniture in floral chintz with
lots of white, but the upholsterer a)didn't carry chintz and b) convinced me that
I needed fabric that would hold up better and didn't show the black cat fur so
much. I ended up with forest green velvet on the major peices, and the whole
effect was just too heavy. Pale woodwork and rugs didn't help, because the ratiof
of darks to lights was way out of balance. I loved those mauve walls, and my
husband sulked thewhole time I was repainting.  But that room is now a seafoam
green, and we let the wallpaper border pick up the mauve, green and white of the
furniture- and as soon as it was done my husband saw that I was right and
actually admitted it. ;-)

 We are well aware that our color choices may not be too people's taste - but
frankly, it's what we like, and we're the ones that live here. Of course we don't
ever intend to sell this house.
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