Re: [gardeners] Bulbs

penny x stamm (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 21:54:01 -0400

Hi Jill & Penny in happy tulip country,

Three years ago I planted 400 tulips out front, all the same variety
but separate colors.  So in spring up came 100 orange, 100 yellow,
100 striped, and 100 red, each in its own bed. Then right behind them 
opened two banks of pinks azaleas, and two banks of red azaleas,
and a huge weeping cherry tree in pale pink. Right away the three
mass plantings of bright red rhododendrons opened -- and then the
white rhodies with a yellow throat came in, all while the tulips were
blooming....   I was so embarrassed with the wild display that I 
wanted to hide under the lawn mower!  The neighbors' eyes popped, 
but I have to say that it was definitely overdone. So ever since, I don't
plant any tulips out there at all. Or jonquils. Or grape hyacinths,

Less work for mother, but I miss them...

Penny, NY

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