[gardeners] Sunday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 17:32:49

Daughter and her rapscallions appeared on our doorstep yesterday about 1 pm
and left about 10 am today. She had dropped her computer off a couple of
weeks ago and I bartered for some parts to upgrade it and managed to get
her a reasonably priced SVGA monitor and added some RAM to the video card.
She now has a 486/100 with a really good monitor system, slow but good.

Had made a large pot of stew when I heard they were coming. Really large,
about 4 quarts worth, all gone. Miz Anne and I collaborated on a big
breakfast this morning, waffles, doubled the recipe; eggs to order; 1 lb
pork sausage; 1 lb bacon; pear jam (my doings); cane syrup, real maple
syrup (gift from a friend in Vermont); chased with store bought orange
juice, 1 gallon. All, and I do mean all, gone. Two grandsons over 6 feet
tall and a 5 ft. 5 inch granddaughter (not quite 12 years old) and all
three of them hollow to their feet. The granddaughter now wears a ladies
size 10 shoe and I was afraid to ask the boys their shoe size, their feet
look like they're wearing clown shoes. Damn, I miss them already but was
ready for them to go home. Our youngest left home 18 years ago and we're
not used to teens anymore. Just two old grumps and a small dog.

Replanted the chard, kohlrabi, and lettuce today. Guess all of it washed
out in the last gully washer rain we had. Yesterday I harvested about a
gallon of chiles, mild and hot. Miz Anne gonna make another Lemon Drop
ristra cause they dry so purty.

The weather here has been fantastic, down in low fifties at night and up to
mid-seventies in the day. Bright sunshine and cool breezes, we haven't run
the air conditioner or the heat in 4 days now, just opened up both patio
doors, the front and back screen doors and the windows. Our windows are 6
feet tall by 3 feet wide so we get a 3X3 screen opening when they're open.
About an hour ago it started clouding up so reckon we'll see heat and
humidity again by tomorrow.

Still, life is good. Hope all are enjoying their autumn, fall, and even
spring for the Strines.

George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg