Re: [gardeners] Sunday

Lee anne Hayes (
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 20:58:53 -0700

Had to laugh at your story-I have two teenage boys
and can they eat!  If I ate that much I would be
350 Lbs.  Sometimes they will bring friends home
and want a snack - Four large pizzas from the 
freezer.  So far, they won't eat veggies from the
garden - maybe some day.  
On Sun, 11 Oct 1998 17:32:49 George Shirley <>
>Daughter and her rapscallions appeared on our doorstep yesterday about 
>1 pm
>and left about 10 am today. She had dropped her computer off a couple 
>weeks ago and I bartered for some parts to upgrade it and managed to 
>her a reasonably priced SVGA monitor and added some RAM to the video 
>She now has a 486/100 with a really good monitor system, slow but 
>Had made a large pot of stew when I heard they were coming. Really 
>about 4 quarts worth, all gone. Miz Anne and I collaborated on a big
>breakfast this morning, waffles, doubled the recipe; eggs to order; 1 
>pork sausage; 1 lb bacon; pear jam (my doings); cane syrup, real maple
>syrup (gift from a friend in Vermont); chased with store bought orange
>juice, 1 gallon. All, and I do mean all, gone. Two grandsons over 6 
>tall and a 5 ft. 5 inch granddaughter (not quite 12 years old) and all
>three of them hollow to their feet. The granddaughter now wears a 
>size 10 shoe and I was afraid to ask the boys their shoe size, their 
>look like they're wearing clown shoes. Damn, I miss them already but 
>ready for them to go home. Our youngest left home 18 years ago and 
>not used to teens anymore. Just two old grumps and a small dog.
>Replanted the chard, kohlrabi, and lettuce today. Guess all of it 
>out in the last gully washer rain we had. Yesterday I harvested about 
>gallon of chiles, mild and hot. Miz Anne gonna make another Lemon Drop
>ristra cause they dry so purty.
>The weather here has been fantastic, down in low fifties at night and 
>up to
>mid-seventies in the day. Bright sunshine and cool breezes, we haven't 
>the air conditioner or the heat in 4 days now, just opened up both 
>doors, the front and back screen doors and the windows. Our windows 
>are 6
>feet tall by 3 feet wide so we get a 3X3 screen opening when they're 
>About an hour ago it started clouding up so reckon we'll see heat and
>humidity again by tomorrow.
>Still, life is good. Hope all are enjoying their autumn, fall, and 
>spring for the Strines.
>George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg

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