Re: [gardeners] Re:Scalleywags? Definately one word. ;-)

Barbara J. Davis (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:29:53 -0500

Actually, scalawag was a white southerner of the Reconstruction 
period after the Civil War.  Since they were not often the most 
upright individuals, colloquially, the term is now used to refer to a 
scamp or trickster.

Gayle, Texas isn't a land state.  We have long stretches of the Gulf 
of Mexico with ports.  Of course, there are also miles and miles and 
acres and acres of land attached to that Gulf.

Barbara Davis       southwest of Ft. Worth, TX

Gayle wrote:
> >I seem to be missing something here.  I thought you were talking about
> >Texans. A scalleywag is a British term for a tar gone adrift I think.
> >I find it amusing that a land state would use such a term.  Please
> >enlighten this prairie bound mountain shrouded soul what you call a
> >scalleywag!!  Texas in the Caribbean is what I am envisioning!!
> >
> >Gayle
> There seems always to have been a direct link between Texas and the navy.
> Maritime Canadians tend to end up in  either the air force or the infantry.
>  I think it's the greener grass syndrome.
> Lucinda
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