Re: [gardeners] Thanksgiving thoughts.

Barbara J. Davis (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:15:23 -0500

> I've been wanting to switch Thanksgivings (I 
> >know, this sounds crazy) for a while & maybe I could celebrate yours <g>. 
> >I love the idea of giving thanks for what we have, but I hate the idea of 
> >doing it as a celebration for our invading America, stealing Native 
> >American land & killing off & evicting the people.  I know, technically 
> >it was that they made it through the first year, but I have NA friends & 
> >a co-worker whose eyes I now see our Thanksgiving through and I don't 
> >feel very proud of my country's past.  It must be hard for people whose 
> >countries have been taken over to have to live through "celebrations" of 
> >their losses...  So anyway, if Canada celebrates Thanksgiving for some 
> >other thing maybe I'd adopt that. 
> >Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians.
> >--That bleeding heart in zone 4 boonies :)
> >
> >
> >

This has been going on so long that I've lost track of who wrote the 
above.  Our Thanksgiving isn't a celebration of what's indicated.  It's 
a day of thanks for what we have.

If bleeding heart would read some history, back to the beginning 
when people first migrated to this land from Asia and took what they 
needed for survival, perhaps she would realize that all has never 
been peaches and cream with mankind.  Tribes fought tribes over 
territory, religion, power, you-name-it.   There is recent evidence 
that some tribes practiced cannabalism and human sacrifice.

My suggestion is read actual history, not the convoluted history that 
is today used by so many groups to make points based on false 
data.  Mankind evolves just as nations do.