Re: [gardeners] Friday gardening

George Shirley (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 18:52:25 -0700

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> At 10:46 AM 10/16/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >Had a nice gentle rain very early this morning before daybreak. The pup
> >and I went out on the carport in our jammies and watched it for awhile.
> >Now the humidity is up and everything is so green it hurts your eyes.
> >
> >Yesterday we saw what I presumed was a hummingbird moth. The thing was
> >huge, evenly gray colored, body shaped like a hummingbirds, and was
> >feeding on some white flowers of some sort in the neighbors yard. This
> >all happened right at dusk and it took us awhile, and a pair of
> >binoculars, to figure out it wasn't truly a hummingbird. First time I
> >have ever seen one of those.
> >George
> >
> George, Halloween is coming up soon.   Are you going to take Sleepy trick
> or treating in her jammies?  Can you take a picture?

Well, last Halloween she dressed up as a Holstein cow. A natural costume
for a white dog with black spots. Miz Anne made her a pair of horns with
elastic to hold them on her head and a blown up surgical glove served as
a weird udder. Sleepy was totally humiliated but we did take pictures.
Thinking about dressing her up as a witch this year, especially since I
bought a small witches hat at an arts and crafts fair today. With a
small cape and little broom strapped to her back she could pass. The
neighborhood kids get a kick out of the dressed up dog. Yeah, if I get a
picture this year I'll scan it and send it to you Margaret. I can send
.jpg pictures email and they download fast.

> Those so-called hummingbird moths are sphinx moths, I think.  Mebbe parent
> of tomato hornworms.  Margaret

This one was darker colored than the sphinx moths I've seen and much
thicker through the body. Could be they're sphinx moths, I've never
tried to look them up. Strangely enough we're not much bothered by
tomato hornworms. Stink bugs yeah, hornworms no.