Re: [gardeners] Re: a hardy Pampas grass

Cynthia Mayeaux (
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 07:21:32 -0400

At 08:20 PM 10/15/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Good luck with the pampas grass Cynthia.  I've killed it merrily in Zone 
>4 (Ontario) by leaving it outside.  Killed it a couple of years later by 
>keeping it in a bucket in fairly cold though about freezing basement.  
>Ditto with fountain grass.
>Cheers  Ginny in Prince George BC
I'm really hoping that the term "hardy" means it's not the same plant that
you see on the lawns in Florida.  I've seen several yards in my area that
have huge clumps of this stuff growing.  If this clump comes back next
year, I plan to put in many more.

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