Re: [gardeners] Introduction

penny x stamm (
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 18:28:07 -0400

<<<<Or tell your children you invested in Vidalia futures.  That's
outrageous!!!  Margaret >>>>

Margaret, you have struck an old chord....  Once upon a time,
namely some 50 years ago, I asked my hubby what they meant by
'onion futures'.. He answered by way of explanation that one could
buy a railroad carlload of onions at such-and-such a price, several 
months into the future. Oh, gee! said I, and here it is wartime, and 
we have a shortage of onions! Why don't we just buy a carload...???  

And tell me, young lady, said he at that time, just how would you
preserve those onions until next season..? Uh, um, said I, I have
no idea! Then you can see that this is simply a theoretical buying
price, rigged to a theoretical wholesale price. It's not meant for the
common housewife..  And since when am EYE a common 
housewife, asked I..? 
So the question at hand is:  just how do you preserve your onions
until next spring, or whenever..? In fact, those of you who harvest so
many, many lbs of potatioes, how do YOU preserve them until next
season..? I have trouble enough keeping them in the fridge! The 
onions tend to sprout, and the spuds are inclined to get limp.  

Penny, NY zone 6, without a root cellar......

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